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source : KATS National Statistics(released 2017-03-07)

KCCertification for electrical appliance safety is a mandatory certification scheme which permits products certified from accepted safety certification bodies only to prevent safety accidents caused by fire, electric shock and other hazards or interferences from electrical appliances.This sheme is based on "Electrical Appliances Safety Control Law" and testing and KC mark certificate are solely controlled by KTL, KTC, KTR which are official certification bodies in Korea. K standards, electrical appliances technical standard, is complied with international standard IEC standards.

Basic Info

Certification Process Flow Chart for Safety Certification

Certification Process Flow Chart for Safety Confirmation

Certification Process Flow Chart for Supplier Confirmation

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KC Marking
# Basic Info
1 The size of the mark can be autonomously oriented with the size of the product.
2 The mark shall well be adhered, printed on the product and its container to be easily recognized.
3 The certification body number and the safety certification number shall be indicated under the safety certification mark, and items that required in the safety standards or KATS defines shall additionally remarked in Korean or English language.
4 The color of the mark is normally Black.
Contents of Marking
# Included Info
Safety certification mark
Certification number or Registration number
Product Name (It shall be written in Korean)
Model name
Input rating
Factory’s name (if oversea, origin of country shall be added)
Mark for double insulation appliances
Rated input time if the input period of products is short
Production date (e.g. year and month of the production date or lot number)
Phone number of service provider (It shall be located in Korea)
Additional marking or caution in accordance with independent safety standard


Illustration of the safety certification mark – Safety Certification Mark.

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KC Check

For open and impartial systematic verification on the KC approval of your product which is sold in Korea, including whether your product should be tested at a specific testing body in Korea or just need CB report only.

CB Review

If your product is confirmed need to be tested by course of specific procedures, our KC skilled experts will advise about certification range and which testing should be conducted through detail review of your products' CB reports.

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Types of KC Safety

In accordance with Electrical Appliance Safety Control Act article 3, target products(45 items) which will be sold to Korea after manufacturing in Korea or overseas shall be certified by Certification Body before products release (domestic) or Customs Clearance (Overseas).

Recently, supply increase of new product caused by electrical and electronic industrial development, needs of relaxation of regulation for business companies and environment changes are considered with low hazardous level products. Safety Confirmation does not require initial factory inspection and routine inspection.

Supplier Confirmation shall be declared by supplier personally before products release or Customs Clearance after conducting appropriate tests.

Comparison table

Item Safety Certification Safety Confirmation Supplier Confirmation
Product Testing Safety Testing O O O
EMC Testing KC(MSIP) has jurisdiction
Factory Inspection Production & Inspection Facilities O Not applied Not applied
Raw material inspection and Manufacturing Process inspection O Not applied Not applied
Product Inspection O Not applied Not applied
Certification – Registration Issue Certificate Issue Confirmation Registration Letter Supplierr Confirmation letter
Routine Inspection (Annual Product Testing + Routine Factory Inspection O No Routine Inspection Not applied

Required Documents/Items


User’s manual in Korean


Parts List which includes manufacturer, type name or model name, electric rating, electrical characteristic.


KC(Safety) certificate for components which influence electrical safety

such as fuse, x-cap, y-cap, power cord set (plug, cord, connector), appliance inlet, switch, etc


UL certificate for PCB, plastic enclosure material


Transformer specification sheets including line filter.


Circuit diagram


Nameplate marking in Korean


CB certificate and Report including photo documentation (optional)

If CB is available, some of above documents(No.1-7) can be skipped after reviewing CB.


Sample 1 ea


Representative letter for oversea factory


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