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Frequently Asked Questions

ISO/IEC 17025, 17020(KOLAS) (1)

Q1: I want to know estimate about the ISO/IEC 17025,17020(KOLAS) consulting fee.
A : We only provide formal estimate about ISO/IEC 17025,17020(KOLAS) consulting fee after receiving both your company's business certificate and your exact requirement. We are so sorry for no response to personal asking of it.

KC(Safety), KC(EMC) (1)

Q1 : In case of electric/electronic product certifiction, is it possible to obtain only one of two certification, either KC(Safety) or KC(MSIP) certification?
A : No, Both of them(KC(Safety) and KC(MSIP) certification) shall be obtained in accordance with KC Regulation.

KOREA TIC Market Analysis (1)

Q1 : How do I access for "KOREA TIC market analysis information service"
A : The service has been under construction. Untill service platform is published, we could only serve it as tailor-made document after accepting your request on the specific category. So if you have any urgent needs about KOREA TIC field information, please send your detail request to

Any Others.. (1)

Q1 :
A :